Based on the analytics these are the Top 10 Rescue Swimmer t-shirts that I have designed thus far. All have been fun to design and I really appreciate the feedback from fellow Rescue Swimmers on them. So Others May Live!

  1. SAR. Click HERE


2. Rescue Swimmer Established 1971 (two sided shirt) Click HERE

3. If you fall, we haul (SH-60) Click HERE

4. Born to Rescue Click HERE

5. Keep Calm and Rescue On – Click HERE

6. Support Search and Rescue, Get Lost – Click HERE

Support search and rescue and get lost!

7. Kiss Me, I’m a Rescue Swimmer – Click HERE

8. If You Fall, We Haul (SH-3) Click HERE

This is actually a brand new design with the SH-3 that was made based on a request. It was tough to design, but turned out awesome!

9. The Rescue Swimmer – Click HERE

10: Because I’m the Rescue Swimmer – That’s Why. Click HERE


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