Top Warrant Officer Gifts

Warrant Officer gift ideas took a bit of research and an awesome wife to find these things online, but here is a compilation of cool gifts for fellow Warrant Officers. Based on what we found I also designed a few things on my own based on experiences in the Navy and comical conversations with other Warrant Officers. Thanks to all for the feedback and insights, hope this list helps! If there is other cool stuff out there please let me know and I’ll add it to this post!


1. Beware of Chief Warrant Officer

This is definitely my favorite old-school sign that is in my garage. My wife bought it for me for last Christmas and it is extremely high quality and perfect for a mancave or in my case the garage.


2. Warrant Officer Definition Mug

One of my favorite coffee cups of all time, this definition says it all. Click HERE to purchase or check out.

warrant officer definition coffee cup and logo


3. Warrant Officer Old Fashioned Bourbon Glasses

I don’t have this set yet, but it is on my Christmas list for sure.


4. The Flying Wolf

This design was something drawn in 2004, but took forever to finish and put onto a t-shirt. One of my favorites as an aviation Warrant Officer. Click image or HERE for the t-shirt

flying wolf military shirt dedicated to the warrant officer liberation front in the u.s. army

5. Warrant Officer Liberation Front T-shirts (3 Options)

Some of the best designs were developed by actual Warrant Officer feedback and voting. Click any image to be taken to the t-shirt or Click HERE to see all related Warrant Officer t-shirts etc.

Army warrant Officer liberation front navy WOLF shirt.

Army warrant Officer liberation front sport grey WOLF shirt.

Army warrant Officer liberation front black WOLF head shirt.

6. The Wobbly One

Every Warrant Officer has been a “spot” or Wobbly One or WOJGY Bear at some point in their life. Click the image or HERE for the shirt>

Army Warrant Officer Wobbly One and Wojgy Bear military t-shirt.

7. Keep Calm I’m a Warrant Officer

The t-shirt says it all. Don’t panic if there is a Warrant Officer nearby. Click the image or HERE for the t-shirt

keep calm, I'm a warrant officer black military t-shirt that is available in all colors and sizes.

8. Warrant Officer Decal

It is the rising eagle emblem decal for your truck or car.

9. The Warrant Officer

There are a couple of varieties, one with the old school bus driver hat and the other the beret version Click HERE

The Warrant Officer shirt features a man with a beret, the rising eagle and sunglasses.

10. Rising Eagle License Plate


If you know of other great Warrant Officer gift items please let me know and will add to this blog. Also test your knowledge of Warrant Officers with this Quiz. Click HERE

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warrant officer shirts, coffee cups and military hoodies on the frontlines shop

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