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Fronts Change, Memories Don’t

Veteran, author, artist, and most importantly a father who wants to share some humor and history of life in the military through apparel, stories and comics. Throughout my 20 year military career, I drew comics, and am blessed to have interviewed other Veterans from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War and post 9-11 wars on terrorism and through The Frontlines am able to share their stories. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans for your selfless service to our country, Fronts Change, Memories Don’t. 

Very Respectfully,

Nathan W. Tierney

CW4, USA Retired

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”One of a kind. You can look all over the internet and not find another site like this. There is no better way to hear Veteran’s stories than straight from their mouth. None of the Hollywood embellishment. Great Job, Keep up the good work.”

Marine Corps Veteran (2011)

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