Because I am the Rescue Swimmer

  1. Because I am the rescue swimmer that's why!

Found this comic Because I’m the Rescue Swimmer in a binder that I drew back in 1994. A classmate in Rescue Swimmer School (RSS) during a drill said, “Because I’m the Rescue Swimmer, That’s Why” And it cracked me up. Hey let’s face it, if in an emergency do you really want to talk back to the dude rescuing you? I think not. Remember a Rescue Swimmer is defined as someone who jumps without fear into the murky unknown to save others so you don’t have to. See also Poseidon, Neptune.

This comic of Because I’m the Rescue Swimmer inspired me to also put it on a shirt and coffee mug.

Because I'm the rescue swimmer that's why!

because I'm the rescue swimmer that's why

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navy rescue swimmer gift ideas


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