military-special-operations-wileyxWiley X (XL-1) Glasses

The damn sand overseas gets everywhere overseas on deployments! And nothing is worst than being blinded by the sand continually or itching your eyes until they are so red it looks like you have drank five Red Bulls in the past hour. These Wiley X (XL-1) Glasses are the best that I have found at protecting your eyes and keeping the sand out, whether in the air or on a convoy. The elastic strap is decent and fitted underneath your Kevlar gives the best defense against the sand. The interchangeable clear and shaded ballistic impact tested lenses are useful and allow these things to be used day or night. It is tricky but they can be worn behind NVGs too. You may have to adjust your NVGs with the fore/aft adjustment knob all the way to the front. You can also get these glasses made to your prescription for old timers like myself. But unless it is raining the sand and dust during most deployments is not going to go away, so better to cough up the cash and buy a pair of Wiley X (XL-1) glasses then come back home with a scratched cornea…or some other funky eye problem.

Check out the Wiley X glasses here. I prefer the polarized more than the other types. A bit more expensive, but you have to protect your eyes.


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