Top 3 Military Transition Books

Military to Civilian Transition Guide Military transition was scary for me. Of all the specific military to civilian transition guides out there I found this one to be the most helpful. As an added bonus they have updated it periodically to keep it focused on the times. The specific templates contained in the book were a great starting point. The only con of the book is it is not targeted at specific Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and is instead broad for all branches of service. Nonetheless this book was better than others.  The book is available on Amazon – click here




Military applies the pyramid principle to succeedThe Pyramid Principle is the book I wish I had prior to college or becoming a Warrant Officer. No one told me about the book so I was 43 yrs old when I finally heard of it. Mrs. Barbara Minto, an ex-McKinsey consultant, wrote a book aimed at bettering your communication by helping you critically think. It focuses on the logic of writing and methods to structure your advice and consulting reports. The book is a total lifesaver, but it does take a bit to read through and digest all the concepts (at least for me it took awhile). The book is available on Amazon – click here




 I am Rework is the best book for those transitioning from the militaryblessed to have had other Veterans mentor me as I transitioned from the military. Despite the injuries, it is because of them that I was able to quickly become a Chief Operating Officer of an Analytics Company and be able to navigate the weird corporate world. This is 1 of 4 guides that shaped my transition and allowed me to succeed. Praying it helps other fellow Veterans during their transition. Rework is available on Amazon – click here





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