Peleliu 1944: The Forgotten Corner Of Hell

Peleliu 1944: The Forgotten Corner Of Hell (Campaign) by Gordeon Rottman

The Invasion of Peleliu Island remains one of the bloodiest conflicts between the United States and Japan during World War II (1939-1945). During World War II Japan had prepared its frontlines by fortifying is a defense against the Allied Advance. As a result, American Forces faced stiff resistance upon landing on the island of Peleliu. The two-month battle caused the highest casualty rate of any battle in the War in Pacific.

The Peleliu Invasion remains a controversial command decision to invade the island because of its questionable strategic value and high casualty rate. The soldiers that fought on the island have countless World War II war stories and memories from their efforts to defeat the Japanese. Compared to Tarawa and Iwo Jima, the battle for Peleliu was just as fierce – if not more so. The battle for Peleliu has long been regarded as the Pacific War’s “forgotten battle”. Leading the battle was General Rupertus, who had made the claim that the capture of Peleliu would “only take three days – maybe two.” But the Japanese fought a bloody battle to the end, which caused numerous Marines to die. 

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