Whether deployed abroad in the Army Special Operations or backpacking through Nepal these were the best cargo pants ever. Could take a beating, fully functional and not ugly.

army-special-forces-cargo-pantsIf you are an active traveler that despises the types of “world” travelers that pack four suitcases full of useless niceties, not to mention the overly big “carry-on” bags that they try to cram in the overhead bins onboard an already overly sold flight, then North Face cargo pants are for you. Not only are they lightweight, capable of wrinkly free rolling to be stuffed in your one backpack, but they also double down as a pair of shorts too! Now how is that for convenience? Throw two to three pairs in your bag and you are good to go for months on end. There are two varieties of the pants, one is a bit more lightweight than the other and is perfect for Central Asian climates or wandering around India in the summer. The heavier versions are perfect for the U.S., Canada or if you are really crazy go check out the Caucasus Mountains. All in all these pants are a must have for any serious traveler…and for those that like their niceties, well how’s about you buy a few pairs too and stop dropping your overhead luggage on me. Thank you!


There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell.

– General William Sherman

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