Warrant Officer Service

Warrant Officer Sarcasm

Anyone who has been around some Warrant Officers knows they are not only technical and tactical experts in their field, but can be sarcastically funny. Had the pleasure of learning from some of the best like Scotty J during my time as a junior Warrant Officer. While drawing this comic it originally started off asa two panel comic with the Lieutenant basically going psycho in the next panel holding a rifle and wearing lipstick. This was inspired by a Napoleon Bonaparte Lieutenant we once had, who let’s just say was not playing with a full deck. Anyways, after much debate I made the change to just a simple one panel. Here is the original comic below. So which one is better? Would love to hear your comments and feedback. Thank you!

Warrant Officer Services

This Warrant Officer definition sums it up. Click HERE for one.

warrant officer coffee cup

To pay tribute to Warrant Officers and their over 100 years of service to our country (1918 -2018) here are a few cool things I found. Still looking for some cool bourbon glasses with the Warrant Officer crest though…

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The Frontlines Comic Book

Hard to believe but they published some of the comics I drew during my 20 year military career! These humorous musings may make you laugh or offend others, but are the result of awesome mentors, great buddies and a deep appreciation for sarcastic humor. They officially released it on Veterans Day in either paperback or eBook for Kindle or iBooks. Here is a link to get a copy if interested.


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