That Guy

Who is That Guy?

That Guy (‘[th]at’gI),  n.

One who consumes too much alcohol and loses control of self or situation with humiliating or compromising results.

We’ve all seen That Guy making a spectacle of himself…or maybe you have been That Guy. Sometimes we laugh at him, but it’s not so funny when he wrecks your evening by getting you kicked out of the bar, ruining your chance of a hook-up, or starting a fight you have to finish, or vomiting all over the backseat of your mom’s car, or getting arrested, or beat up by drag Queens in Key West Florida, or bleeding all over your favorite shirt, or feeding your three-legged cat draft beer, or throwing a baseball at your TV, or spitting on your girlfriend’s shoes, or … well, you get the point – don’t be That Guy!


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