George Washington Military Acronyms

George Washington's top ten military acronyms

George Washington Military Acronyms is a historical look at some funny phrases you may never have heard of. What would General George Washington and our first American President say about the Top 10 military acronyms? He might ask where “Yankee Peas”, “Georgia Parole”, “Grab” or “Lob” are on the list.

“Yankee Peas” was a British term for buckshot. American troops and especially the militia sometimes loaded their muskets with not only the standard musket ball but a few buckshot too. It was used to inflict more casualties on the British at close range.

“Georgia Parole” was an American term for shooting a British (enemy) soldier rather than take him prisoner.

“Grab” was a British term for looting a civilian house while the homeowners were still there.

“Lob” was a British term for looting a civilian house after the homeowners fled.

Thank you to all that voted on the top ten list and of course Dr. Knowitall for the interesting facts about Revolutionary War terms.


To learn more check out this documentary on George Washington by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich or the iconic book 1776 by historian David McCullough.


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