11th Cavalry Returns from Vietnam War


“11th Cavalry Returns” by veteran David E. Graves is an acrylic on masonite painting of the Vietnam War and the war stories by the Army veterans of the 11th Cavalry.

(Courtesy of the National Constitution Center, Art of the American Soldier)


With the war in Vietnam escalating, the Blackhorse Regiment was alerted for assignment to Southeast Asia on 11 March 1966. The regiment began specialized training for combat in a counterinsurgency environment. Modifications were made to the organization and equipment with emphasis on the use of modified M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs). Two M-60 machine-guns  with protective gun shield were mounted at the port and starboard rear of the vehicle, and a combination circular & flat frontal gun shield(s) were added around the .50 caliber machine-gun, located at the commander’s hatch. This combination produced a M-113 Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle, or, in Vietnam more simply referred to as an ACAV by GI’s, a name coined by 11th Armored Cavalrymen


Here is also a true story from one that served in the unit:


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