Seeds of Terror by Gretchen Peters

Veteran reporter Gretchen Peters persuasively makes the case not to think of the Taliban and al Qaeda as religious fanatics fighting the influence of Western culture; instead the Taliban and al Qaeda are less of ideologues and more of criminals. Mrs. Peters traces the illegal drug trade throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan which has contributed to the resurgence of the Taliban and al Qaeda forces over the past two years. For anyone interested in finding out how the Taliban and al Qaeda forces have essentially been reborn over recent years this book clearly details the link between the narcotic trade and the complicit corruption by the government in Afghanistan. Mrs. Peters also gives realistic solutions for dealing with this complex criminal problem. According to Peters (2009) “Criminal and terrorist groups take root and flourish everywhere there is absence of good governance and security. We must stop thinking about Afghanistan’s drug and insurgency problems as isolated issues and understand that this country – and the region as a whole – will remain a problem until a comprehensive, holistic strategy is adopted” (p. 233).

One of the best books that I have read on Afghanistan. Check it out:


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