Letter from the founder of The Frontlines

Veteran, author, artist, and most importantly a father who wants to share some humor and history of life in the military through stories and comics.The Frontlines is a story telling venue for members of the Armed Forces, and military families to share their experiences and humor. Throughout my 20 year military career I drew comics, and am blessed by a network of Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force buddies to have shared many experiences and laughs with while we were “embracing the suck”, stuck in the “lean and rest”, showing up early for “fun runs”, or making fun of “Fobbits” while deployed. It is through these comics that we can all learn a little bit more about life in the military, and share a few laughs. So blessed to have interviewed other countless Veterans from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War and post 9-11 wars on terrorism and through this platform able to share their stories. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans for your selfless service and support of preserving our military history. Fronts Change, Memories Don’t. 

Very Respectfully,

Nathan W. Tierney

CW4, USA Retired



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