Letter from the founder of The Frontlines

As a boy, my father told me to be a boxer in life. For every hit, give one back in the form of a selfless act. This guidance has helped me through hardships, shifting focus from personal ailments to what I can do for others. This sense of service drives my deepest motivation to be an advocate for veterans and most importantly for restoring selfless service to America.

It is time for a renewed call to action to restore faith in government, promote active citizenship, and selfless service. Issues facing veterans are not only the veterans’ issues – they are American issues. Failure to recognize or address veterans’ problems weakens the armor of our society, abandoning those who served and sacrificed in the name of our country. Though the launch of Frontlines is a significant accomplishment, it is only the beginning step to transform our nation through engagement and support of active citizenship. I believe we can bridge the divide between military and civilian cultures, through promoting candid conversation regarding the cost of war to our nation and its protectors. Our brave service members require neither sympathy nor accolades, but rather a supportive environment where voices can be heard in an open, inclusive dialogue. It is only through preservation and education that our nation will remain great, and can we hope our grandchildren understand serving for a cause greater than oneself.

Thank you for your interest in The Frontlines. Simply by reading this you are helping achieve the mission of empowering members of the armed forces, veterans, family and friends through a network that provides resources, education, and the ability to creatively share stories from the front lines. Fronts Change. Memories Don’t.

Very Respectfully,

Nathan W. Tierney

There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell.

– General William Sherman

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