The Korean Affair

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Consider this reverse propaganda used to take a funny look at the dangerous dictator Kim Jong-un. Hope you like the humor and learn a few real facts about the DMZ and North Korea! 


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This is my first published comic book! I drew it while on active duty deployed to South Korea. I was there and witnessed first-hand the craziness of the new North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. It was and is a serious situation, but also worthy of humor at his expense.From yearning for McDonald’s to planning the destruction of the American fleet at the hands of his mighty armada, these comics take a look at what it’s really like to be a megalomaniacal jackass with a penchant for fast food and Hollywood flicks.

You will not only laugh at the comics, but learn some true facts along the way thanks to Dr. Knowitall. As example, did you know, “Kim Jong-Un was breast feed until age fifteen.” – Dr. Knowitall


Enjoy the laughs. Here are some samples of the comics inside the book:





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