army warrant officer ones are often referred to as the WOJGY bear or wobbly one.

Warrant Officer Ones are referred to as Wobbly Ones or WOJGy bears.

Warrant Officer Ones (WO1) are referred to as Wobbly Ones or WOJGy Bears. It is a term of ‘endearment’ that all Warrants get to enjoy after becoming a new Warrant Officer – the term is mainly used against new WO1 aviators. Been there, done that (WO1), but forgot to design this t-shirt twenty-two years ago. I guess now is as a good as time as any to do so.


“The Act of July 1918 introduced the rank and grade of Warrant Wfficer and established the Army Mine Planter Service in the Coast Artillery Corps. The law directed that Warrant Officers to serve as masters, mates, chief engineers, and assistant engineers of each vessel. By definition a Warrant Officer is a technical and tactical expert.” – Dr. Knowitall


Warrant Officer WOJGy Bear t-shirtGreat gift for a new Warrant Officer or a reminder gift for those WO1’s that forget their place in life and need to be humbled a bit. We all have to start somewhere and learn. CW5s are legends because they took the time to learn and based on experience become legendary. To all WO1s don’t worry if you try hard enough you’ll stop wobbling too. Click here for Wobbly One  shirt and click here for Wobbly One coffee cup






Warrant Officers are the highly respected technical and tactical experts in the military. A Warrant Officer is someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. See also wizard, magician. For my fellow Warrant Officers out there thank you for your service. Click HERE


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The Frontlines comic book is published!

Hard to believe but they published some of the comics I drew during my 20 year military career! These humorous musings may make you laugh or offend others, but are the result of awesome mentors, great buddies and a deep appreciation for sarcastic humor. They officially released it on Veterans Day in either paperback or eBook for Kindle or iBooks. Here is a link to get a copy if interested.


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