What are Navy SEALs most afraid of?

Navy SEAL dentist fear


This is a draft of what Navy SEALS are afraid of. Idea courtesy of Paul, a real life Navy SEAL who is deathly afraid of dentists! So why do Navy SEALS and most of hate dentists? Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why People Hate Dentists:

  1. Uncaring and Cold – A prerequisite for getting into dental school is that you have to display no feelings, completely lack empathy and make sure your office is as inhospitable as possible. In short, make your office feel like a prison.
  2. Shame – A dentist is highly trained in making you feel bad about your dental hygiene and life in general. They will rudely point out that you don’t floss, use mouthwash and forget to effectively brush your teeth three times a day. A dentist will guilt trip and ridicule you to no end.
  3. Invasive – A dentist is not afraid to stick sharp objects, weird tubes, or random needles into your mouth. They completely dig into everything during their inspection and will not let you out of the chair until done. You are completely vulnerable during the experience, and even if you are a highly trained Frogman you cannot escape.
  4. Inconvenient – A dentist ensures that scheduling an appointment is not only a pain, but even if you show up on time you still must wait in an awkward waiting room for another forty-five minutes. Plus the redundant paperwork is always an inconvenient pain to fill out.
  5. Cost – Even with the ‘best’ dental insurance, it can cost you an arm and a leg for dental work. Not to mention, the cost of a root canal or braces has skyrocketed in recent years leaving many children and Navy SEALS with buck teeth.

A trip to the dentist can cause some bad memories that are worse than combat. Just ask my friend Paul who now only has eight functioning teeth because he upset the dentist with a hoo-yah!


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