Air Force top 5 military acronyms to describe the USAF

The Top 5 Air Force Acronyms that every should know. Thanks to all that voted and suggested these ideas:

  1. USAF- Uncle Sams Aeronautical Fairies
  2. Air Force: Aint’t In Real Freakin Outstanding Retards Can Enlist.
  3. Actual Intelligence Required, For Occupational Roles Considered Essential
  4. Aint It Rough, Flying Over Real Combat Everyday.
  5. U Stupid Ass F*cktard
  6. Anybody Is Retarded For Organized Recon Commanding Elements
  7. Aint I Retarded For Openly Refusing College Education
  8. USAF: U Suckers Are Forgotten!!!
  9. USAF: U Suckers are F***ed!!
  10. Avoiding Intentional Real Fights Or Relaxing Comfortably Everywhere

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