Navy Goat vs. Air Force Falcon

Navy and Air Force MascotsA Navy Goat vs. Air Force Falcon who would win? These two mascots of the military armed forces square of in a duel of words. It really is strange how they come up with military mascots (or other mascots). I wonder if people vote or if it’s just some random decision by an old lady in an office…nothing against old ladies. Anyways, of course, the Air Force is lounging on the golf course. They build it before they build the runway or planes!


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Here are some of my favorite reads on Navy SEALS, the experience, and hardcore training…not to mention drown-proofing without doing the kicking chicken. Note, a duck is not a mascot of the military, but maybe it should be?


Just published my first comic book, “The Korean Affair” about North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. From yearning for McDonald’s to planning the destruction of the American fleet at the hands of his mighty armada, these comics take a look at what it’s really like to be a megalomaniacal jackass with a penchant for fast food and Hollywood flicks.

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