Marijuana is Catnip


Marijuana is catnip for people. Hilarious joke and observations of those stoners dedicated to smoking pot and how excited they get about it. While never having tried it, I think it is pretty funny how excited people have become about it and the fact it is legal now in some states regardless if you have a medical condition or not. Thought a surfer dude or hippie might be a funny way of drawing this comic titled Marijuana is catnip.

Marijuana is to Humans What Catnip is to Cats: A Hilarious Comparison

Ever noticed how cats lose their minds over a whiff of catnip? They roll around, purr uncontrollably, and suddenly become the most playful creatures on earth. It’s like they’ve discovered their own version of paradise. Well, it turns out there’s a funny little parallel to be drawn between our feline friends and humans: marijuana is to us what catnip is to cats.

First off, let’s get one thing straight. Catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, triggers a euphoric reaction in cats that looks a lot like a feline dance party. They sniff, lick, chew, and then – boom! – they’re off on a psychedelic trip that would make even the most seasoned hippie jealous. Similarly, marijuana, or cannabis, has a way of sending humans into fits of giggles, deep philosophical musings, or simply a state of blissful relaxation. It’s our own plant-based ticket to a mini-vacation from reality.

Now, consider the behavioral effects. Cats on catnip tend to exhibit behaviors that range from ecstatic playfulness to mellow lounging. Sound familiar? When humans partake in a bit of marijuana, the results can be strikingly similar. Some become the life of the party, engaging in creative endeavors and spontaneous laughter, while others transform into couch potatoes, deeply engrossed in the mysteries of their own navel.

Let’s talk about the munchies. Cats often become fixated on their food bowls after a catnip session, as if they’ve just discovered the joys of kibble. Humans, too, experience an overwhelming desire to devour snacks like they’re competing in an Olympic eating contest. Suddenly, that bag of chips or the leftover pizza in the fridge becomes the most important thing in the world.

The Aftermath

Then there’s the aftermath. After the catnip high wears off, cats usually nap it off, looking content and slightly dazed. Humans? Pretty much the same. After enjoying marijuana, many find themselves succumbing to a peaceful slumber, dreaming sweet dreams of Doritos and deep conversations about the meaning of life.

In essence, the relationship between cats and catnip mirrors that of humans and marijuana. Both plants offer a delightful escape from the ordinary, sparking joy, curiosity, and a touch of absurdity. So, the next time you see your cat flipping out over a bit of catnip, just remember – you’re not so different after all. Both of you are just enjoying a little botanical bliss, each in your own wonderfully weird way.

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