Idle Gun Pilots

Nothing is worse for the Army than idle gun pilots sitting around. This was drawn as we sat around waiting to see if the war in Iraq would begin or not. Extreme boredom.


“The first requirement to becoming an Apache pilot is to meet the qualifications to become an Army officer. Army officers must be U.S. citizens. For active duty, they must be between 18 and 29 or between 18 and 32 for the Reserves. Although it is possible to join through a delayed-entry program while still in college, most officers earn their bachelor’s degree prior to joining, as all Army officers must be college graduates. All applicants, whether enlisted or officers, must pass a criminal background check and a physical, and they typically cannot have more than two dependents.” -Dr. Knowitall

This is a look at what its like in an Apache helicopter (simple to read and has pictures for gun pilots):


ust published my first comic book, “The Korean Affair” about North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. From yearning for McDonald’s to planning the destruction of the American fleet at the hands of his mighty armada, these comics take a look at what it’s really like to be a megalomaniacal jackass with a penchant for fast food and Hollywood flicks.

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