Two Generals and Admiral around a campfire…oh my!



Of course, Generals and Admirals in the Armed Forces sometimes like to sit around a campfire to drink beer and tell jokes. Air Force not included. This is a comic I drew after hearing a joke about Generals and Admirals in the military. I also wrote about the steps and processes used for creating the comics.

Here is the joke that inspired the comic!

Two Generals of the Army and Marines are joined by an Admiral of the Navy around a campfire off the landing zone doing shots of rye whiskey when someone calls out and asks who’s got the most balls.

The Marine General goes all right and says, “Marine,” over the radio, “I want you to take that beachhead, clip through that barbed wire, and take the entrenchments.” The Marine goes, “Aye, aye, Sir” and climbs over the ship into a landing craft and sails into harm’s way. He unloads and hits that beachhead, breaks through the barbed wire, and takes everybody in the trench except one that kills him. The Marine General goes, “That’s balls!”

So the Army General goes, “Soldier, I want you to swim ashore and take out that last man.” The soldier goes, “Yes Sir!” He swims ashore and takes out the last man only to be taken down by machine gunfire.

So the Navy Admiral says, “Sailor, bring me a cup of Joe and…” “Fuck you Sir.” came across the radio. “Gentlemen,” the Admiral says, “That’s some balls!”


Step 1 of the process…get the idea about Generals and Admirals joke down on paper!



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