Boot Camp Online

How to solve the military recruiting shortage is simple, just go online for boot camp.

Let’s face reality…it is tough for the military to recruit high caliber soldiers with this current generation that enjoys its lattes, yoga, 14 hours of sleep and choice of organic foods. So what better choice then to cater to their instant gratification needs and move boot camp (recruit training) to 100% online? It’d make them happy, and after all they are the next generation of ‘warriors’ so why not make them happy?

If you want to read about real Warriors check out these outstanding stories about the World War II generation…their heroism should never be forgotten and we all should strive for.


The Things Our Father’s Saw is other first hand accounts of the “war over there” and Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer Prize books on WWII like the Guns Last Light (a three part series) are simply amazing. All four books are definite must reads in my opinion.


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Army drill instructors should not touch their Privates anymore during Boot Camp

boot camp army

Prisoner of War stories during World War II:

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