Army Humor of Warrant Officers in a foxhole


Army warrant officers stuck in a foxhole during war

Military humor of Army Warrant Officers in a foxhole in Iraq. There really is not a reason why Apache pilots vs. infantry soldiers should be guarding the flank…unless of course there is no fuel or ammo for their Apaches, and oh yeah no ground support to guard their aircraft – true story from Iraq.

“According to the Army recruiters, a Warrant Officer makes up the technical foundation of the U.S. Army and are the primary pilots in the service. They serve as the instructor pilots, maintenance officers, safety officers and tactical operations officers in Army aviation units. Although they make up less than three percent of total Army strength, Warrant Officers in the shadows run the show…along with awesome Sergeant Majors and First Sergeants.” – Dr. Knowitall


After 20 years of service and retiring as a Warrant Officer these are just some of the cool things I have found (my wife even approved!):

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