Air Force Eagle Eye and a Navy SEAL


Air Force’s  Eagle Eye and the Navy’s Sam SEAL share some rivalry and banter back in forth. Both considered “Special Operators” in their own right, and crack funny jokes about one another. From soaring in the sky to rapid extracts of unsuspecting bunnies, or effortlessly gliding through the water hunting tiny fishes both Eagle Eye and Sam SEAL have justifiable egos.


“Did you know, seals are believed to have evolved from land based, bear or otter-like ancestors? and that Bald Eagles sound so silly that Hollywood dubs over their voices?” – Dr. Knowitall


If you like these comics check out my first comic book! This is a not so serious look at Kim Jong Un, who while I was stationed in Korea came to power. During all the briefings on the fat little man I could not help but laugh and doodle the drawings. Hope you like the humor and learn a few real facts about the DMZ and North Korea! Consider this reverse propaganda used to take a funny look at a dangerous dictator. Just $2.99 and all profits donated to building an app to help patients manage chronic diseases. Thanks in advance for your support!


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