5 Military Acronyms You Must Know

There are funny military acronyms about each branch of service.

Five military acronyms you must know about the branches of the Armed Services. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on what are the Top 5. Stay tuned for the rest of them! The Top 5 related to specific military branches ere

  1. ARMY = Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday
  2. MARINES = Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
  3. NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself
  4. AIR FORCE = Ain’t It Rough Flying Over Real Combat
  5. SPACE FORCE = Star Fleet


Some other highly voted acronyms (Comic pending):

  1. SNAFU = Status Nominal: All Fucked Up.
  2. FIDO. F**K It Drive On
  3. GAFFOARD.  Give A Flying F**k On A Rolling Doughnut.
  4. FIGMO. F**K It Got My Orders
  5. US Coast Guard- Uncle Sams Canoe Group

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