I was gone for 3 1/2 years

WW2 Veteran was gone for 3 1/2 years during the war following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He served in the Pacific War against the Japanese. Here is his story:

I was 18 years old when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, working in the gold mines.

I was 19 when I was drafted to Parowan in the army. I served in the South Pacific. I was gone for three and one-half years. It was an experience I will never forget because you leave your home and don’t know whether you are coming back. I was in several battles in the islands. I was wounded twice and I was glad to get home after spending one year in the hospital to get fixed up.

The only changes at home were that my dad worked at the steel plant in Provo, Utah.

Ration stamps were used for food, gas, tires, etc. It was rough on people, but we needed them very much. World War II was a big war. We had a lot of young people from Parowan in the war.


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