WW2 Veteran of 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion

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World War II Veteran Dale Barker, 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion shares his story of service in the Marine Corps during the war. Courtesy of the Witness to War Project.

To read more from Mr. Baker check out:

Hitting the beaches :
the First Armored Amphibian Battalion in World War II, 1943-1945 : Kwajalein, Guam, Okinawa /
compiled and edited by Dale L. Barker.


There is also a full copy book too:


WW2 1st-Armored Amphibian Battalion makes a landing during the war in the Pacific.Also found this PDF available for download about the 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion:

Battle Honors of the Marine Amphibian I. The Beginning

Some great historical accounts and stories about the War in the Pacific:

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