U.S.Bombs Berlin Reel

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U.S. bombs Berlin Germany for the first time during World War II in this uncovered National Archives WW2 newsreel of Allied airpower efforts. Berlin was subject to 363 Allied bombing raids during WW2. The U.S. dropped over 23,000 lbs of explosives in 1945 alone.

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442nd Infantry Regiment consisted of Japanese Americans who fought against the Nazis.

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WW2 1st-Armored Amphibian Battalion makes a landing during the war in the Pacific.

This Diary of the Third Armored Division Was Taken From Records and after Action Reports of the Third Armored Division and gives the most actuate report of any known reference books, including “Spearhead In the West”. Click HERE

Some incredible stories of life in the B-17 Flying Fortress and life during World War II. Jimmy Doolittle’s story is also iconic.

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