Remembering Grandpa in Navy WWII

Remembering Grandpa in WWII through his service during the war…

My grandma was 17 years old when World War II started. There were three people in my grandma’s family that were in the Navy, Coast Guard, and the Air Force.

When my grandma came home from church and turned on the radio she heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed. She was very shocked. My grandma’s brother was 23 years old, my grandpa was 19 years old, and Gene was 19 years old, too. Gene was in the Pacific, my grandpa was in the Atlantic, and Uncle Bill was on Tenian, an island on the Pacific. They were gone for two years.

My grandpa’s ship, the USS Durant, captured a German submarine. While in the Pacific, his ship was attacked by Kamikazes. My grandma got so much per month. She said to go see Saving Private Ryan, and avoid war.

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