Rescue Swimmer Workout Exercises

Rescue Swimmer Workout Exercises are challenging but can laugh at with some military humor.

Rescue Swimmer Workout Exercises were no joke at Rescue Swimmer School (RSS). Candidates enjoyed endless flutter kicks, treading water, weird calisthenics, and running in soft sand with relentless instructors yelling every day. The obstacle course was fun to look at, but less fun to do. Blame the sand because it did not make you quick on the course. The 800-meter buddy tow was a personal favorite. However, I dreaded becoming a sugar cookie and the risk of never having children due to my lopsided balls becoming less aesthetically pleasing than they already were. Constant shaft rub is not attractive according to an ex-girlfriend.

Overall, the Rescue Swimmer Workout Exercises prepare your mindset for life in search and rescue but can be humorous. It built the strength of character provided of course you embraced the suck.

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