Kim Jong Un’s Biggest Fantasy


Who can resist not picking on Kim Jong Un? He is just a walking and talking funny joke.While stationed in South Korea My Army buddies and I could not help but make fun of him. Come to think of it every Marine, Navy Sailor (or SEAL), and even Air Force used to make fun of the North Korean Dictator. You can guess the Army humor about Justin Bieber too.


“Kim Jong Un’s stock portfolio includes Victoria’s Secret and Sex-Toys-R-Us.” – Dr. Knowitall


Check out the recent comic book I published (my first) on the comical look at Kim Jong-Un. While stationed in South Korea I could not help but laugh at this crazy dictator.

For real facts about Kim Jong Un I suggest reading this book. The guy is friggen nuts!



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or Assad- Syrian Dictator


” There are currently 49 dictatorships in the world (19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, 12 in the Middle East and North Africa, 8 in Asia-Pacific, 7 in Eurasia 2 in Americas and 1 in Europe)” – Dr. Knowitall

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