Before and After Military Service

before and after military service

It is interesting that you go into the military healthy, but in serving can get a bit beat up, and afterward have a huge system and process to navigate through. Without a mentor, how do we help Veterans answer the question, “what’s next?

The most helpful books during my transition after 20 years were:


If you like the above comic check out these too…

Navy SEAL dentist fear

Here are some of my favorite reads on Navy SEALS, the experience and hardcore training…not too mention drown-proofing without doing the kicking chicken


Just published my first comic book, “The Korean Affair” about North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. From yearning for McDonald’s to planning the destruction of the American fleet at the hands of his mighty armada, these comics take a look at what it’s really like to be a megalomaniacal jackass with a penchant for fast food and Hollywood flicks.

The Things Our Father’s Saw is other first hand accounts of the “war over there” and Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer Prize books on WWII like the Guns Last Light (a three part series) are simply amazing. All four books are definite must reads in my opinion.

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