Army Apache Pilots Trash Talk Wingman


Army Apache Helicopter Pilots Trash Talk Wingman during a flight in Iraq, but don’t realize they are broadcasting on the radio for all to hear! Flying Apache helicopters is a blast, but common sense can sometimes be overlooked.

“The Apache helicopter is essentially a flying tank, designed to survive heavy attack and inflict massive damage. It can zero in on specific targets, day or night, and is a terrifying machine to enemy ground forces…the enemy has been known to curl up into a ball in the fetal position and cry at the sight of an Apache.” – Dr. Knowitall


After 20 years of service and retiring as a Warrant Officer these are just some of the cool things I have found (my wife even approved!):

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The Things Our Father’s Saw is other first hand accounts of the “war over there” and Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer Prize books on WWII like the Guns Last Light (a three part series) are simply amazing. All four books are definite must reads in my opinion.

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