Apache Longbow Gunner Red Button


These are definitely words you do not want to hear from your front seat gunner in an AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter while deployed in combat. Doesn’t bring comfort when being fired up and makes you wish you could swap out for a better model (gunner) in flight. Can someone say “eject”?


If you like humor about Apache Pilots or Warrant Officers check out these comics:


Here are a couple of great reads about Apache Attack Helicopter pilots…almost makes me want to write my own book?


If you like these comics check out my first comic book! This is a not so serious look at Kim Jong Un, who while I was stationed in Korea came to power. During all the briefings on the fat little man I could not help but laugh and doodle the drawings. Hope you like the humor and learn a few real facts about the DMZ and North Korea! Consider this reverse propaganda used to take a funny look at a dangerous dictator. Just $2.99 and all profits donated to building an app to help patients manage chronic diseases. Thanks in advance for your support!

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