World War II Operations names


Most have heard of Operation Market-Garden during World War II (thanks Sean Connery for the awesome film!), but what about the other classic and somewhat hilarious names of other major operations? Here’s a few facts that inspired the comic. Enjoy and let me know if you want to learn about more? thanks!

Operation Gaff

This was the code name for the 1944 Allied attempt to either kill or capture Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in France. The commando attempt failed and Rommel was later implicated in the attempt to assassinate Adolph Hitler, after which Rommel committed suicide vs. face a firing squad.

Operation Beggar

In 1943, the U.S. Army Air Force scheduled a drop of weapons and ammunition to the French Resistance during the Paris uprising. The operation was cancelled at the last minute; instead food and coal were flown to the city.

Operation Aphrodite

The Allies attempted to guide remote controlled bombers to destroy hard to hit Nazi targets. An engineer and pilot took the plane off, armed the explosives in the air, and then bailed out. A separate aircraft would then use a remote control to guide the plane to the target. The thought was this process would minimize losses to bomber crews, but in fact was pretty risky. In fact, Joseph Kennedy Jr. was killed on one of these missions when his plane exploded in the air.

Operation Cartwheel

In June 1943, General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral William Halsey executed a nine-month combined operation in the Pacific Ocean. Admiral Halsey’s forces attacked New Georgia Island in the Solomons at the same time as General MacArthur’s forces occupied the islands of Woodlark and Kiriwina off New Guinea.

Operation Magic Carpet

This was the effort to transport U.S. servicemen back home from the European theater.


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